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What is iWeekender?

iWeekender is a friendly personalised event travel service helps people to visit enthertainment, sporting, cultural or business events around the globe. We perform two business functions: we are a search engine and an online travel agency.

How does iWeekender work?

The web-platform automatically collects popular live events from around the globe and combines them with convenient flights and accommodation options for quick and easy online booking. Advanced technology analyses millions flight and hotel combinations to find the best available travel deals and provides inspiration by displaying poster, social reviews and a turnkey price next to the each event card.

Company locations

iWeekender Inc. is the USA registered company. Tel: +1 6468931568 U.S. Address: 251 Little Falls Drive Wilmington, Delaware 19808-1674, U.S.A.

iWeekender Europe LLC headquarters located in the center of Riga (Latvia) Address: 57 Brivibas street, office 17/18, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia. Tel.: +371 67885577 LV

Events trip advisor

When you open the website or the mobile application you will see a feed that shows events with prices for tickets and trip. The feed is generated according to your preferences and location. You may set up the feed in your personal account to see only those events which are interesting to you.

Events search

If you are interested in a specific event you can enter its name into the search field to find the event card featuring the turnkey price for trip and event ticket itself. Search can also be made basing on the city or country of interest, as well as by artist, date or price.

Book an event trip

An Event trip deal allows you to combine event ticket, flight, hotel, and car reservations into a single booking. By consolidating your transportation and lodging, you can save more than by booking separately. You can book an Event trip on iWeekender online


iWeekender partner services Orange Pay created conditions for swift payment for trips by credit card. Payment will be done after booking. When you book your event trip, you can always make a single payment online. We accept Credit cards: Visa, Master and currency: EUR.


After payment, you will receive an email containing event ticket number, an e-ticket for flight number and confirmation of accommodation booking. Tickets for some events are only available on the organiser’s website. In this case we redirect you to the relevant webpage to purchase tickets independently.

Our Partners

We work as an agent with a content provided by our partners. They are leading companies in digital travel and online events ticket sales industries.

Customer care center

We provide 24/7 customer support reachable by phone +371 661 631 16 EU, +1 646 893 15 68 USA, +7 495 481 22 68 RU, via Live Chat, which we recomend to use for communication, or by email:

Book an event trip

  1. Sign in to your iWeekender account.
  2. Select your Event trip and start the booking process.
  3. Choose one from 2 pre-selected options with the best price and optimal price.
  4. Select seats or area at the event. Tickets for some events you may buy on a partner site only, in that case we redirect you to the event directory at the partner site for a ticket purchase. We reccomend you to buy tickets or register to event before booking the trip.
  5. You may edit flight details, or accept pre-selected option.
  6. You may edit hotel details, or accept pre-selected option.
  7. Continue the booking process by filling in passenger information.
  8. Complete your booking.
You can make special requests (such as a late check-in time or a rollaway bed) when you book your hotel room as part of your travel deal. iWeekender will forward your request to the hotel, but we cannot guarantee availability for the room type or service you requested. You will need to call the hotel directly prior to your stay to confirm availability.

Booking Confirmation

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email from iWeekender that contains your itinerary number, e-ticket number, hotel booking number and trip details. The trip itinerary will be available in your personal account. If you need to have an email copy of your booking, select the Email icon in your personal account and follow the instructions.

Cancellation policy

Generally there are no refunds, returns or changes for digital downloads of travel deal and event ticket. However you may send a written cancellation request to and we will try to manage it on your behalf.

Online flight check-in

  1. Get your airline confirmation code (example: L77RTL) from your itinerary.
  2. Within 24 hours of your flight, check in on the airline site.

Before a flight

  1. Depending on your airline, after checking in online you can print your boarding pass, save it to your mobile phone, or pick it up from a kiosk at the airport.
  2. You will need your boarding pass to go through airport security. Check with your airline for any other required documents.
  3. Arrive at the airport at least 1-2 hours before your flight for domestic flights, and at least 2-3 hours before international flights.


Carry-on baggage and Checked baggae Most airlines allow one cabin bag and one personal item. But this varies from airline to airline.  For example on Norwegian Air, you can take the following with a maximum combined weight of 10kg. One personal item e.g. handbag or laptop bag of 25x33x20 cm. One cabin bag of 55x40x23 cm.

Your checked baggage weight and dimension allowance, sporting equipment regulations can be found on: your airline's website, the booking page, and your e-ticket

Take a look at your e-ticket and your account page for your baggage dimensions allowance for particular flight. We also display this information during the booking process underneath the passenger information. When searching for a flight, you can see estimated baggage fees for each flight by selecting Show Flight Details. Your baggage fees might vary depending on the following:

  • Whether you pay for your bags online or at the airport
  • The number, size, and weight of your bags
  • The time of year you are traveling
  • Your frequent flyer membership level
  • Your military status
  • You can often save money by checking in and paying baggage fees on your airline's website before your flight.
How to modify hotel booking?

Some hotel bookings allow you to make changes to your reservation online in your itinerary.

If online change is available for your reservation, you can make the following changes:

At no charge:

  • Guest name
  • Bed type
  • Smoking preference
  • Special requests
  • Accessibility options

Charges may apply:

  • Room type
  • Number of guests
  • Travel dates
Cancel your flight

Some parts of your trip deal can be cancelled online. We do not charge fees to cancel your trip deal, but the hotel, car rental company, activity provider, or airline may charge fees that we must pass on to you. To cancel your trip please contact customers care center at

Your trip booking mistakes

Duplicate booking

If you have multiple itineraries for the same trip, please contact us for assistance.

Name changes

If you need to make a correction to your name, please contact the airline directly. Keep the following in mind:

  • The name on your flight booking must match the name on your government-issued photo ID.
  • Most airlines allow corrections for misspellings, nicknames (e.g. William/Bill, Elizabeth/Liz), but do not allow name changes to another person.
  • Changing the name on your flight booking may incur airline change fees and require payment of any difference in fare.
Event trip protection plan (Insurance)

We offer you travel insurance protection options for your trip deal, which may be purchased at the same time as the travel. It covers:

Book an Event trip with an accessibility options

When booking an Event trip on iWeekender, you can request special assistance on your flight, such as help boarding and deplaning, use of a wheelchair, or accommodations for a service animal. Many hotels have rooms for guests with specific needs, such as accessible bathrooms or roll-in showers. iWeekender can help you find and book these hotels. Contact Customer care center before booking your trip

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Reg. No.: 40203118807

Address: 57-16 Brivibas Street,

Riga LV-1010, Latvia

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iWeekender Europe LLC
Reg. No.: 40203118807
Address: 57-16 Brivibas Street,
Riga LV-1010, Latvia
Registered Travel Agent: TATO‌-2018-17